Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Also, a white picket fence

A dinnertime conversation with my three year old: 

When I grow up, I'm going to be TWO THINGS! A mommy, and an astronaut!
Oh really? How many kids are you going to have?
[Holds up three fingers.]
Do you know what you're going to name them?
Francis, and Katherine, and ... Lily. 
Oh? Any boys?
Francis is a boy. 
Aha. How old will they be? 
One, and two, and three. 
Wow, you will be such a busy mom! And a good one, too!
Yes. My children will NOT eat candy. 
And tell me about your pets.
I'm gonna have a dog, and a cat, and a horse and a bunny rabbit. 
Will you live out in the country?
Yes, I'm going to live just like Aunt Jenni. 
What about Ian and Eliza? Where will they be?
They're gonna live with ME! And they will be my kids!
What about Mommy and Daddy?
They will live with me, too. Daddy's going to be my husband. 
Oh, you'd better tell him about that. 
I will tell him later, because he's mad at me for getting into my princess costume instead of my pajamas, so I will tell him in a few minutes. 
What will Mommy be?
She will live with us and cook our food!

Oh HURRAY. She must have been demoted due to her failure to prevent her current children from ever eating candy, including the child who begs for it (see above). Does she get to scrub the bathroom floors with a toothbrush too, I wonder ... ?


Tim said...

From the way she waltzed out the door in that princess costume, I assumed she didn't hear me, or at least she would never admit to hearing me. Not sure if I could put up with such a sassy wife. ;-)

Jenny said...


nicole r said...

love love love it! :)

Galex said...

Oh dear! I laughed so much about this, especially that her children will NOT eat candy. Phew! I read it to Madeleine and she thought the part about Ian and Eliza being her children was especially funny!