Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Fever

We had a lovely welcome-home present awaiting us when we returned from frigid Boston this afternoon.

Our front garden had prepared a colorful show for us during our absence -- proof that splendid 
spring has arrived here in Texas.

Before even unpacking the car, we had to traipse around, snap photos and pull a few weeds. 

(Note: about a year ago, our friend Randolph gave me a little tour of my garden, showing me what I had inherited from the previous owner and what qualified as a "weed" or a "hackberry bush" that really ought to go. About an hour later, gloves in hand, I went to dig in and realized that I should have videotaped his little seminar, as Teflon Memory had struck again. And I feel stupid asking for the whole shpiel all over again. Now I just merrily pull whatever looks ugly to me.)

Ah, home sweet blooming home.


Beck said...

Oh my goodness! We won't have flowers like that here until June or early July!

Stephanie said...

I like your strategy and may adopt it as my own.

Jenny said...


Vanessa said...

What lovely flowers!!! Makes me want to go out and garden. . .oh wait! I don't have a yard (sigh).

Tracee said...

what a wonderful thing to come home to!! ed and tyler planted tulips that are blooming now. gorgeous pictures!