Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green and Blue

My computer ended up being in the CompuZone hospital for the second half of the week, and then in rehab (getting back all our files from Mozy; so glad we backed up!). The breakdown happened COMPLETELY miraculously after a tall person in our house took apart my computer to install new memory. Sooooooo, I'm late in posting my green and blue photos, which come from a lovely morning we spent on the grounds of our state capitol, attended Day Four of NASA Space Week. 

The event was quite well done, with lots of hands-on activities and lively presentations for the kiddos, and once the school buses departed, things got saner. Oh, except for the vociferous ACORN rally taking place on the Capitol Steps in two languages; that was fun. We even bumped into a few other homeschooling families whom we haven't seen for months (that's the thing with hs'ing friends -- you bond, you hang out together, then your children stop doing the same activity/co-op/whatever and since you live completely across town from each other, it's too easy to lose touch. Especially if you stink at keeping up by phone, like me.) 

We got to see a demo of the liquid-cooled astronaunt undergarment that my father-in-law invented. That was cool. Literally. 

Now Caroline wants to know how soon we can fly into outer space. And Eliza, who initially wasn't keen on going, made me promise we'd "go to NASA" again soon. You think they're taking applications for the Year 2035 mission?

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