Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Care


What do you get when you combine ...

SEVEN children (four extra offspring from neighbor who recently broke clavicle in biking accident)

ONE mother who tends to get anxious, just between you-me-and-the-doorpost as my mother would say, about watching other people's kids, for fear that they will not be sufficiently entertained

FIVE minutes of morning prayer for the day with this dear friend

ONE helpful sister visiting on her Hahvahd spring break

EIGHT colors of Sculpey clay, good for an hour or more of intense artistic exploration

FIVE princess costumes

UNLIMITED divine grace 


... once the sun finally triumphs over the rain ...

THREE playful chickens


ONE tire swing???


A surprisingly satisfying day. 

1 comment:

Tracee said...

gushy and annoying...

totally kidding. i'm really glad you were able to have such a wonderful day while helping out someone who needed the help. broken clavicle, very scary!! hope she is all healed soon!