Monday, March 9, 2009

How I do love lists

Today I am ...

- Super excited about the $36-each-way JetBlue Austin-to-California sale, which is making it possible for us to say YES! to my sweet sister-in-law's requests for us to visit them in San Diego in May. Cheaper than driving! Can't wait!

- Wide awake from the coffee I drank while reading Johnny Tremain to Ian at Starbucks this morning. We are the homeschooling ambassadors to our area coffee shops.

- Resigned to the fact that my house will never be as tidy as I'd like.

- Stealing moments to read a book I was complaining about last week and now am totally hooked on -- Les Miserables.

- Singing this hymn.

- Wondering whether to believe that my son really did pull up $13.00 worth of weeds this afternoon (at a nickel per weed, or 260 weeds!).

- Grateful to my brother for revolutionizing my life with the recommendation for this gadget. Transponders are now attached to both key rings plus the TV remote, so my key troubles are apparently over.

- Listening to my children, and a friend or two, playing in the back yard.

- Wearing a pretty new top that I found for $7 at a resale shop last weekend. This was a terrific weekend for shopping. At four secondhand shops within five minutes of our house, I netted one top, one sweater, one skirt, and three pairs of capris for myself, plus two pairs of shorts for Ian, all for less than $50. Woohoo!

- Noticing a large tattoo on my right arm made by a three year old with a ballpoint pen.

- Planning to make sweet potato and black bean burritos for dinner.

- Praying for Melissa, and for Sam at his new job.

- Sad that several of my friends' and acquaintances' husbands have recently lost their jobs. Feels like Austin's getting hit with a plague.

- Thankful for ordinary days in the divine dispensing.


Louisa said...

Oooh can I come on a coffee shop date with you and Ian when I'm there in 2 weeks? I LOVE reading in coffee shops. :)

Jenny said...

Ooooh, thanks for the linky to the key finder thingy! Guess what Will is getting for his birthday?? LOL!

Vanessa said...

We just tried to take advantage of the jet blue deal, but the days available are not working for us. Hope it works out for you all.

Cute shirt. And thanks for praying for Sam.

Samuel said...

So that's why my transition to my new job has been going smoothly...people are praying for me! Thanks Hannah!

Galex said...

That's exciting that you're headed to sunny San Diego!! Awesome! And Matt will be glad to hear you're getting hooked on Le Mis. And WHat a cute top! I love it!

emily f. said...

- oooo Hannah! I loved reading Les Miserables! Such an AWESOME book. Glad you are enjoying it!

- kudos on the cheapo jetBlue tickets!

- yeah for resale shop finds!

- miss you and your beautiful clan!