Friday, April 3, 2009


For all ye kindred Jane Austen fans, you simply must have a gander at this, if you haven't yet.
(It's only funny if you're also on Facebook.)

Here's OUR version for this week:

Ian joined the group "Rabid Fans of Bill Nye the Science Guy!"

Hannah is considering summer camps for her kiddos. Choices and budget are inversely proportional.

Eliza just finished making pinwheels with Caroline and her friend Vaughn.

Caroline is sitting on top of the van with Eliza.

Hannah is wondering if that makes her a bad parent.

Tim joined the group "Family members in Favor of Attending Family Night Out at Central Market with the 0-9 Homeschool Activities Group."

Ian made a large wooden medieval weapon at Friday co-op today, called a ballista.

Hannah is wondering how she will fit this weapon into the van as it grows bigger, what she's going to do with all the burgeoning stash of weapons, and whether it's a good thing that her son is learning to use power tools. 

Caroline became a fan (sight unseen) of Matt and Virginia Alexander's new baby, Henry, born in the wee hours of the morning. 

Eliza is anticipating tomorrow morning's kickball game. Perhaps her team will be playing the Funky Monkeys? Or will it be the Gumballs?


emily f. said...

O MY GOODNESS!!! That is such a funny post...Austenbook... now, Dillerbook.... unfortunately mine would be too long as Fehrenbachbook, so it might have to read: Fbachbook. :D

I'm so glad you're still blogging... I desperately need to start again. I'm afraid to, for fear of all the backbloggin' I tend to do after such terribly long leave of absences. ...But I'm finally taking more photos and such over here in Port-land. ;) I owe it to y'all to post. (see, now I'm pep-talkin' myself into bloggin')... o man.

nicole r said...

love love love! and love :)

Naomi said...

I just LOVED LOVED LOVED the austenbook. I will be posting it on FB immediately!