Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still dabbing my eyes

I'm shamelessly stealing from Leslee today, who posted a link on her blog to this Youtube video. I think I was the two million and somethingth viewer, and you may have already seen it, but if not, GO THERE NOW.

Okay, I admit: I love Cinderella stories. When this woman walked out on stage and did her little interview, you can see the cynical smirks from the audience, the eye-rolling from Mr. Simon "Botox" Cowell. As if it were totally inconceivable that a woman who looks her age (47) could possibly produce a thing of beauty from within. Look what happened when the music started and she opened her mouth.

Also, I admit: I adore Les Miserables, the musical. Every single song in that show is soul-stirring, although I've definitely heard "On My Own" a few times too many in junior high school talent shows. At exactly midnight on Friday, April 3, I finished all 1260 pages of the book, wiped away tears, and promised myself that I would one day reward myself by revisiting a live performance. 

In all honesty, however, were I Mr. Hugo's editor, I think I would advise him that he could tell the same story with just as much impact in about half the length. If you've read the book, replete with its minute descriptions of various now-extinct neighborhoods of Paris, you may know of what I speak. But forging through those more esoteric parts yielded a story both suspenseful and deeply moving, and well worth the work.


Naomi said...

I did the read book long ago in jr. high. I wanted to go see the musical, and Dad said we could go if I read the book first. So I did. I'd like to re-read it one of these days. But ah yes, Les Mis is probably my favorite musical. I too love every song, and especially the medleys when all the songs meld together. Amazing!!!

And yes, I am also a Susan Boyle fan now too. It was amazing!

Stephanie said...

What a coincidence - I just watched the video for the first time this morning. Got a little misty-eyed myself.

Vanessa said...

Susan Boyle-awww-her voice is amazing. I enjoyed her little intro with the judges, but what I loved the most were their reactions to that amazing voice.

Anne said...

Don't know if you'll see this, but I love Les Mis. I read the book, and agree with you about the length. :-) I've see the musical, too - YES, YES, YES! It's incredibly stirring.