Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There are times ...

... when five years old seems too much to bear.

When you're shuttled from an impromptu lunchdate with friends

To a birthday party (cake! candy! a clown!)

To a dance lesson

Only to realize that your brother has been invited

For a sleepover with those above friends

And you have not

Which, really, seems quite unfair.

Worthy of tears, even.

The world is simply too much with you.

Your mother does not like the phrase, "LIFE isn't fair,"

So she withholds this unfortunate truth from you

Letting the evening work its magic.

And somewhere between a quiet dinner outdoors

And an evening romp with the chickens

While the mourning doves continue their constant cooing

And the wind sighs deeply through the spreading ash tree

You allow yourself to be drawn back to happiness

To a warm, honeysuckle-scented bath

And clean sheets, and damp hair, and a story

And a soft rendition of "Jesus Loves Me"

And a little sister to share it all with.

The world is small, and comforting, 

And just as it should be. 


Stephanie said...


Jenni said...

Yes, very beautiful. Have you thought about taking up writing? You're really good... hehehe! Love you.

Tracee said...

wondrous! thanks for sharing :)

Amy Tague said...

The most beautiful thing I ever read in my whole life. :)