Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Five

I took a blogging vacation, somewhat involuntarily, since my children and I were at my parents' house in MA all week, helping my baby sister celebrate her graduation from HAHVAHD. (Yes, she is a total slacker. Such wasted potential.) And computer access was quite limited. So. Now I'm back again, and with no plans for travel in the near future, although I do need to re-validate my passport. Just in case I get the itch AND simultaneously win the lottery by finding that golden ticket lying in my driveway.

I have deep and complex feelings about my time in Boston, spending time with with our growing family, including members in various stages of physical decay. My dad is finding the process of breathing more and more of an effort. On the other hand, we discovered that he can still play Memory, simply by telling us which cards to turn over for him, and play it very well. One regret is that I did not get to visit Joanne, a family member who is now under hospice care for peritoneal cancer after a year-and-a-half long fight. But it's hard to put those sentiments into words, especially in a public forum. Maybe they'll simply leak out now and then.

Instead, I give you ...

Five Reasons My Husband is Amazing

1. If this is Too Much Information, avert your eyes. BUT, as background info, you need to know that my husband has this uncanny habit of popping into the bathroom just as I emerge from the shower. "Impeccable Timing!" he crows, very much in touch with his inner thirteen year old. So last Saturday, after that jaunt the kids and I made through Brightleaf, I was toweling off and what does Mr. Peeping Tim find on my back? A TIC!!!! Already UNDER MY SKIN!!!!! Even still, this totally freaks me out. Since he can also channel MacGyver, he ran for a match and somehow singed that baby right out of my epidermis, rescuing me from a life of debilitating Lyme Disease. (I also have 16 chigger bites. If I ever go into the woods again, I'll need a Dharma jumpsuit.)

2. While I was in Boston, he missed his Domestic Goddess (now stop that laughing!) so much that he made homemade yogurt and homemade granola. He just made another batch. The entire house smells like apple crisp. Realtors welcome.

3. He has met someone who knows someone in the engineering department of the University of Hawaii, and is going to work the connection for him. It's a long shot, but STILL. Yes, we would buy a house with a guest room for you and all your favorite relatives.

4. He went to work super early this morning so that he could be with us, watching over our travel-stupefied selves, for the afternoon. That takes commitment. And coffee.

5. The house is relatively clean. 'Nuf said.


Jenny said...

Oh, I love this idea. Might steal it. LOL

Era said...

I understand what it's like to have a relative in hospice. My father passed away 6 months ago.

Where are my manners? My name is Era and I've read your blog off and on but didn't comment. Today I thought I'd just say Hi.

Eclectic Mama said...

Make it a guest room that sleeps FIVE, 'kay?

Samuel said...

ooh, a reason to visit Hawaii, and the set of L O S T!