Thursday, August 20, 2009

An evening in the park

Reason #99 to love the city we'll have to leave in a few months: A plethora of free entertainment!

Here's my take on our picnic at Zilker Park Hillside Theatre, followed by a delightful performance of "The Music Man," this year's version of the annual Musical in the Park:

Here's Ian's take. A nice thing about a point-and-shoot camera is that you can hand it off to an eager child and not worry about some fragile piece falling off and costing you the equivalent of a trip to Disney World to repair. A nice thing about said camera being digital is that you never have to say, "That's enough pictures, honey. We don't want to waste film." I'm a firm believer in letting my kids discover their inner photojournalist. And then, in reviewing their oeuvre, I gain some insight into what exactly their eyes absorbed and found important.


Of course, he had to end with a Port-a-Potty. Of course.

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Tim said...

We've all been singing "76 Trombones" for the past week. What a great show. Too bad it was almost 10 at the intermission. I would have loved to see the whole thing.

Eclectic Mama said...

Leaving? Leaving? Whaaaaat?

Hannah said...

Oh dear oh dear how have I not mentioned this to you? Either in Jan or next summer, we HAVE to move, since UT does not hire their own PhD's to professorial positions. San Antonio is a possibility though ...

Stephanie said...

Please, if you must go, move somewhere cool and mountainous or somewhere at least that has actual SEASONS (autumn? what is autumn?), and post pictures and stories about how wonderful life is and then I can live vicariously through you. [sigh]