Sunday, August 9, 2009

We have a winner

And her name, randomly drawn from a hat, is ...

Stephanie, who said, "Baby Bean Bag. My absolute favorite and I still have her. She was dressed in hot pink (not really 'dressed' - she's a bean bag with arms, legs and a head) and the only place where the hot pink remains is on the bottom of her tushie, which was not exposed to years of sunlight. Her face is a little smudgy and she is missing fingers (don't ask), but I love her!"

Can I just tell y'all that I absolutely loved reading about all your dearly beloved dolls and childhood memories with them? Seriously, it was a real treat. I would gladly give out gift certificates to everyone if I could! Hopefully I'll be doing another giveway in the next couple weeks or so, so stay tuned!

As consolation prizes for the rest of you, I offer you two things:

First one is this new website. Start zipping your cardigans, ladies. Here at our house, we're currently obsessed with watching how guitars and fortune cookies are made, thanks to the fine Misters Rogers and McFeely.

Second one is a roadside treasure from our vacation. Ready for a chuckle?


Stephanie said...

No. way. Totally didn't see that coming. Yay for me!

It's too bad Baby Bean Bag is only about 8 inches tall. She could use a new outfit.

Thanks, Hannah!

(The billboard is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.)

Eclectic Mama said...

What a bummer! I missed your contest while I was out of town. Darn it.

FWIW, my favorite "doll" was a fuzzy teddy bear named Ruby; I named her for her brilliant red lips. I still have her somewhere, all moth-eaten and faded, wearing a "dress" made from the sleeve of one of my dad's long-sleeved shirts.

Ah, memories.

Jenny said...

I will be a generous person and congratulate Stephanie, even though I REALLY wanted to win that dress! *sniff* ;)

Anonymous said...

What? I missed a giveaway while I was moving? Anyway, congratulations to Stephanie!

Funny billboard! There's one near our new neighborhood that reads "Your wife is hot, better git her a new pool". Well, we used to have a pool at our old house, so I have to point this sign out to Hubby and see if he can be convinced ;) !

Tamara said...

I just watched the first "how people make..." clip, and there goes the rest of me evening (watching the rest of the clips that is). Thanks for the awesome link!