Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pinewood Derby

The other day Ian announced to us his intentions of becoming a Grand Master in tae kwon do AND an Eagle Scout.

I'd say the scouting venture we began this year has been positive. And I'm actually glad that we didn't join up when he was six, since I have a feeling that blush would be off the proverbial rose by now. Instead, he's enthused about Cub Scouts and has his sights firmly fixed on joining a Boy Scout Troop a year from now. And the activities he has access to through Scouts have certainly enriched our homeschooling.

Saturday's pinewood car derby was no exception. Here's Ian waiting his turn with two of his buddies. The friend in the middle is Sawyer. The friend on the left is Jack. The guy trying to manipulate their destinies from behind is Jacob.

No. Just kidding. The friend on the left is actually Timothy, and the innocent by-sitter would be Anonymous. Sorry. I'll get Lost with my private jokes now.

This is the face of suspense, my friends.

And this is a blurry photo, but I had to post it anyway, because it totally captures the moment -- the ecstasy, the completely life-changing exhilaration of winning a heat in the pinewood derby.

He won three out of four heats, but somehow didn't make it into the championship round. That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.

Of course, how disconsolate can you be when you have faces like this cheering you on?

We brought Sawyer home with us for the afternoon when the race was [finally!] over. He's a real character. I listened to the two boys carrying on in the back seat, essentially talking AT each other, just barely waiting until each finished a sentence before the other chimed in with the far more important thing HE had to say. (Do you know adults who still do this?)

About two minutes away from, Sawyer suggested that he and Ian walk the rest of the way home in order to reduce our carbon footprint. I pointed out that while we are always -- always! -- desirous of reducing our carbon footprint, I would have to drive the van the rest of the way home, regardless of their presence.

Kids. There's nothing quite like 'em, the whole world wide.


Becky said...

you seriously should be a writer, Hannah! you're so good at it! i love the pic of total exhilaration and then the one of utter dejection. How quickly we can go from one to the other. And yes I do know adults who are not listening to what you are saying b/c they are too busy thinking of what they want to! :/

cjoy said...

To reduce the carbon, would decreasing their weight in the vehicle change it fractionally? Or is that a nonexistent issue?

I'm leaning very heavily on Awanas and Scouts for next year...your input has been helpful! I'm just waiting to be in our new town before we immerse ourselves into new friends and experiences.

Vanessa said...

I totally caught on to your Lost joke. . .thanks for the laugh!

Love the blurry pic--it indeed captures the moment of joy! Get those girls some pom poms to cheer Ian on!

Jessica said...

Hannah, I think this is my 1st comment, but I have been following your blog since late last year. Totally love it!

...memories of my big brother medaling in his PineWood Derby :)

Stephanie said...

Love the contrasting pictures of elation and dejection.