Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Portrait of An American Boy

Just when you think you have your kids figured out, you come home to a printed list like this on the kitchen counter.

Ian’s list of things to do

Bow [archery] practice

Form [taekwondo] practice

Lie in room and shoot darts at various objects

Snitch pieces of food

Play with oscar

See if can go 2 friend’s house or vice versa

Play with legos

Jump on Oscar’s trampoline



Play on computer

Rig booby traps

Play with Knex/Zoobs

Listen to audio book

Play on Wii [Editor's Note: Might be tough since we don't currently own one.]

Have nerf war with dad/friends

Go on tire swing

Play with eliza/caroline


Hide and seek


Watch TV

Listen to ipod

Take nap

Study pets

Play Crazyball

Invent things

Build things


Spy on neighbors

Watch clouds outside

Dig hole outside

Dig in Oscar’s house’s hole

Disappear/go camp out somewhere weird

Look for bugs/snakes

Go to Shoal Creek

I can't decide whether my favorite is "lie in room and shoot darts at various objects" or "snitch pieces of food." Or maybe it's "disappear."

And I can hardly contain my astonishment at not finding "scour and disinfect toilet" or "polish silver 'til gleaming" on this list. Maybe that piece of paper just got jammed in the printer?


Jessica said...

This is hilarious. My favorite is: Play on Wii [Editor's Note: Might be tough since we don't currently own one.] Is that a hint?

cjoy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this...I notice, however, he did not add, "blow up and hide whoopee cushion" - in spite of not having one.

Toddler Knows Best said...

is this all in one day?
he sure is busy.

pdb said...

that boy is certainly not lacking ideas.

Jared said...

That's inspirational. I need to make a list like this!

Jenny said...

I am impressed that "chores" made the list. Too funny!!

Amy said...

This totally amused me at work today. Does he know how funny he is?

Stephanie said...

Impressive list. My favorite thing is the use of the word 'snitch'. Second favorite is the plan to spy on the neighbors.

Sarah N. said...

This is a fantastic list. Disappear is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa said...

wow. . .he's got a lot on his mind. . .and i like the one of playing with his sisters (awwwww)

Kenj said...

I LOVE it, Hannah! Thanks for sharing!