Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Links

I ran across these sites over the weekend, and since I was always taught to share, thought I'd pass them along like a good, socially advanced, little preschooler.

Alice at Savory Sweet Life ran a weeklong series on feeding your family on a tight budget, something she practiced scrupulously for Hunger Action Week. She fed herself, her husband, and her two kids for $122, which frankly kind of knocks my socks off. I love Alice, ever since she taught me, virtually, how to make my own frappucino (TM) at home.

And speaking of living on a budget, check out PearBudget, a site that helps you build a monthly budget and then stick to it by entering your receipts. That latter step is my nemesis, and why I tend to fail at accurate budgeting, but I! am! determined! to give this a good shot. PearBudget makes it so easy. Besides, what's not to love about a [non-bruised, non-mushy] pear?

Got kids who like computer games? At Cool Math for Kids, they can play all sorts of games that promise to make math fun -- puzzles and the like. Ian successfully test-drove this yesterday.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...
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cjoy said...

Oh, I read what she did during Hunger Action Week - it doubly knocks my socks off b/c our special food needs would seriously increase her numbers, even for comparable meals.
And Little B has used that Cool Math Games before; his teacher last year told me about it....hhmmmm methinks perhaps I could do some in-between math games for a few weeks while focusing on something new...I know he wouldn't complain even a little!

Vanessa said...

I too was very impressed with Alice. Even reading her story about how she grew up in a poor family was equally impressive to me considering she is such a foodie. I may need to try out that pear budget site. Thanks for sharing.