Friday, November 5, 2010

Lillian Farms: Your Next Getaway

I promise I'll shut up about my trip pretty soon, but first I just need to foam at the mouth for a minute about the Bed & Breakfast where I spent the second night.

Lillian Farms Country Estate looks like just that: a country estate. You drive through a sliding iron gate and meander along a very long, very winding driveway up to the main house, parking by a carriage house. You can see a large barn in the distance, where the horses and "the most phenomenal donkey" (quote by my hostess) reside.

Barbara Segal, the owner and operator of Lillian Farms, named the place after her mother. Barbara is absolutely the sweetest, warmest, B&B hostess you can imagine -- a master of the art of hospitality. Look what I found in my room:

And in the bathroom, the fluffiest bathrobe this side of the Mississippi:

The main house has two stories, but if you don't feel like bumping your suitcase up the stairs, you can use the elevator that's hidden away in a closet. No kidding.

I asked Barbara about kiddos at Lillian Farms, and it turns out that the wee folk are welcome in the Carriage House. I can totally imagine my crew roaming about the grounds, visiting the horses and Bailey the Phenomenal Donkey.

I can also imagine a getaway just for two.

I can also imagine moving in for a month.

Is my imagination running away with me? Whoa, Nellie.

And as if all this splendor and pampering weren't enough, guess what was served for breakfast at 7:00 a.m.? Eggs. Bacon. Coffee. Juice. GLUTEN FREE PUMPKIN MUFFINS. GLUTEN FREE PANCAKES.

Do yourselves a favor, y'all, and grab Someone Special (your spouse, your best friend, your own lovable self) for a night or two in the country. You'll think it's a little slice of heaven, as they say in nearby Brenham.