Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mini Heartbreak

Every morning, Caroline used to emerge from her bed and in her sleep-frowzled state, warm-skinned and bed-headed, come barreling at me, arms open wide. She'd jump into my arms and I'd scoop her up, where she'd lay her head on my shoulder for the first thirty seconds of her busy, busy day. Sweetness. 

Then I noticed that some mornings, she'd head for the couch instead, like her siblings. Maybe I'd be exercising, or maybe she ... dare I say it? ... was starting to outgrow the habit. 

This morning I realized it had been days and days since my last morning jump-snuggle. Like many of my babies' "lasts," I didn't recognize the "last" until it was too late to mourn, except in retrospect. 

You know all those grandmas who stop you in the parking lot when your kids are yielding to a meltdown and you look as frazzled and worn as you feel, and say to you, "Enjoy it while they're young -- they grow so fast?" As if it's the most original thought known to man? 

They're totally right. 


KTG said...

So true.At least we have better cameras and pocket video recorders now to preserve some precious moments.

Stephanie said...

Frowzled? Had NO idea that was a real word. I like it.

It's so hard when they outgrow these little sweet moments on their way to independence. Sigh.

I've been enjoying being the one to wake my daughter in the morning before school and having a few precious minutes of snuggle time with her. I will miss it.

Anna said...

So well said and so very true.

Amidst all the crazy ... it's moment after moment of precious treasure.

Raji P. said...

Aww :( sniff sniff. I shamelessly ask them to recreate it. My daughter will oblige more easily than my son but even he knows what I really love and does it for me. I know it is not the same as it happening spontaneously, but it helps me hang on to those things...

Julie said...

I know!!!!