Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love This Quote

(Exactly five years ago ...)

"The past is never obliterated; it has a patient, enduring existence where it collects like groundwater in holes and crevices and hidden lodgments -- in attics and basements, in sealed trunks and stubborn drawers, in closets and pockets and in cardboard folders. In these places, its visible colors are bland, but its secret strength gathers like thunderheads."

And if you want something from the much more distant past that may knock your holey socks off, check out this:

Speeches. They just don't make 'em like they used to. 


cjoy said...

Your picture and quote are better. ;D

JoAnn said...

At our Thanksgiving dinner, Ken asked Caroline why she got more gifts than he did, and she said, "Because I have more love." Laughter ensued. She is one precocious little girl.

Vanessa said...

Love this picture of the three of you. You look radiant! I really can't believe how times flies. They grow up so fast and add so much love and adventure to our lives!