Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Saw Mommy Kissing Shutterfly

Hello, friends. Thanks for your sweet well-wishes; the return to good health continues apace. And now, on an entirely unrelated note (after all, who really wants to read about flu symptoms ad nauseum, pardon the pun?) ... let's talk holiday cards.

I LOVE getting cards in the mail. Some of them are from you guys! Yea for that! They're all beautiful. Well, guess what? We don't even have a family picture yet, so don't hold your breath for ours. It's coming, though. If you want one and I don't have your address, please email me.

So Shutterfly is running a little blogger promotion where they provide 50 free photo cards. Yup, that's right, FIFTY. All you have to do is post about why Shutterfly is the cat's pajamas, basically. And for me, that is no problem AT ALL. Because promotion or no promotion, I really do love Shutterfly. Here's why:

1. Calendars - Each year I make a photo calendar, using Photoshop Elements, for both sides of the family as a homemade gift. Does it take hours? Of course! But it's worth it, because not only do they seem super happy when they open their calendars and review the year's memories, but also we get a month-by-month reminder of pleasant times spent together -- or of just how weird we can look when we put our minds to it.  Here's a sample from last year's calendar:

 Of course, it doesn't need to take hours -- you can go really simple-but-elegant with Shutterfly's drag-and-drop options.

2. Service - So I finished my calendar project last Wednesday. I chose priority shipping, just in case -- but no fancy overnight express or anything. Guess when those things hit my mailbox??? Friday. As in, two days later. I was completely freaked out. I have no idea how Shutterfly worked this kind of magic. But procrastinators rejoice! If you're still casting about for a meaningful gift, they *may* work the same magic for you.

3. Photo books - It took months of stolen moments here and there, but I made a digital scrapbook of our trip to Mexico. Printed it at Shutterfly during one of their frequent sales. Here's a sample page:

4. Holiday cards - I love the designs churned out by their team of top-flight, artsy designers, love how easy they are to make, love how you can make them for Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, whatever you want to do. And they come with envelopes. Oh, and I recently saw how someone turned a goofy wedding photo into a very respectable-looking thank you note. I think I may steal that idea for our thank-you notes this year and print up a batch.

What about you? Do you send out greetings at the end (or beginning) of the year? Have you finished yours or are you hearing time's winged chariot drawing near?


Stephanie said...

Sounds neat. I'll add it to my list of things to look into.

Raji P. said...

Shutterfly and Snapfish are interchangeable for me, whichever has a design that I like becomes the, err, cat's pajamas. (I have honestly never heard that expression in my life before and it makes me laugh out loud!) I spent not a moment less than TWO HOURS on selecting the right photo card for us this year. (note to self, ask Hannah for her addr and send one, have lost it from last year)

Julie said...

We have never even taken a "professional" family picture yet and I've never sent holiday cards..but I love the look of those Calenders...I think I better hurry and get a few out for the great-grandparents!

Vanessa said...

so, like, when do you have time to make calendars? I am still working on New Year cards.

Jenny said...

For the first year ever, I ran out of time to create my own calendars using Photoshop, and had to resort to using the photo site's pre-made designs. *gasp*

Shutterfly's designs are the best out there, bar none. Their uploader and calendar design interface are so much easier to use than any of the competitors. I could kick myself for the time I wasted trying to do it with Snapfish and CVS!

I'm going to go CVS with the cards, only because I've procrastinated so long, and I can pick them up in an hour. ;)

Anna said...

That top photo is sheer bliss. Great, great shot.

(Love the calendar. Great idea!)