Friday, December 10, 2010

On Reading Old Favorites

"How life affirming it is to find that the writing that held my attention as a young reader still could do that decades later. Good writing, good stories live on in the reader's head, and they are easily renewed and become once again unstoppable like the ocean; they offer readers and writers a kind of ... yes, immortality."
Ship of the Line (Hornblower Saga)                                                                   - Abraham Verghese, author of Cutting for Stone

Note: This quote, which I LOVE, came from an opinion piece on NPR in which Verghese discusses his lifelong love of C.S. Forester's Ship of the Line (Hornblower Saga). For those who've never discovered the Hornblower books, you might give them a try -- the Professor recommends them. (He loves books about boats, for some reason.) I haven't read them myself, but we own and have watched and re-watched the entire Horatio Hornblower Boxed SetRecommended for at-home date nights, in case your symphony tickets and exclusive four-star dinner reservation falls through. You know, just in case. 


The WoodLand School said...

Perhaps it's time for me to dust off the Hornblower books and give them a try! Thanks for the book suggestions :-)

cjoy said...

My husband loves these! Of course, he listens to them on CD during his drive to and from work....(I'm afraid I married a reader-wanna-be-who-never-was. He is reading an abridged version of one of them to our oldest, and loving that time. (I'm also going to put him on the task of doing the Sonlight Read Alouds next month. . . )

Tim said...

I love the quote and I loved reading the books. IMSHO, I believe PAtrick O'Brian to be better, a fine balance of swashbuckling, espionage, and character/relationship interest. (Ack!!! I said the r-word).
And, yes, I have a thing for seafaring novels: I'm reading Jack London's "The Sea Wolf" at present, and have the Bounty trilogy on the to-read list.