Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Loved it!

Admittedly, we're diehard fans of all things Narnia. The kids have probably seen The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe twenty times. 

Admittedly, a few movie clich├ęs come into play here -- you know, the requisite climactic-battle-with-large-monster scene. 

However! All caveats out on the table, I'd say it's definitely worth seeing. In fact, please do. Let's send the powers-that-be the message that there's a market for clean, adventuresome family entertainment that a) contains no fart jokes and b) works in layers of meaning that appeal to both adults and kids. 

Also, our teenaged heroine jumps right into the fencing scenes instead of cowering in the corner. 

Also, Eliza correctly observed that "King Caspian is nice to look at." 

Also, Plugged In, our go-to source for family-friendly entertainment, gave a favorable review. 

(As an aside, I'd choose to watch a movie with my kids that might be rated PG, might contain some mild language (which Dawn Treader does not) or purposeful violence (which it does) but has something worth saying, something uplifting about what it means to be human and alive, something with a theme that's not  hackneyed to death, something that gives them something to strive for --rather than a lame animated kiddie flick held together by sight gags and potty humor, G-rated thought it may be. And yes, I do appreciate well-done humor, so don't admonish me for being a stick-in-the-mud.)

Soapbox moment officially concluded. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday week!


Rochelle Perry said...

I 've read all the Narnia books and this is one of my top two favorite. Thanks for the review. I cannot wait to see it.

Laura said...

Been on the fence about seeing it because I'm a bit of a purist and i heard the plot was more or less shredded. I trust your judement, friend, so my daughter will get the outing she craves.