Monday, February 28, 2011

You Mean I'm Not Alone?

My friend Laura is a woman of utterly, reliably, good sense. She reads widely and thinks deeply, she has a great sense of humor, she's as loyal as the day is long, and she home schools her two highly intelligent children while her husband regularly works eighty-plus hour weeks as a law student. In short, she's amazing (although she doesn't think so) and I am blessed to know her.

After my recent post on insecurity and the ensuing discussion in the comments and on Facebook, Laura wrote me an email that I loved so much, I asked if I could turn it into a guest post. She graciously agreed. If I had a photo of her handy that didn't feature her standing knee-deep in a creek in her swimsuit, I'd share it. But since I am a woman of unfailing discretion (mmmmhmmm), you'll just have to imagine her lovely face.

Here we go -- take it away, Laura!

Is there a woman alive for whom that doesn't sound familiar? 

Yeeks -- what made me laugh about that was my complete confidence that you couldn't have been talking about me as one-of-those-women.  :-)

Do you want to hear some of my tongue-in-cheek "affirmations" when I feel like that?

- My wrecked house is my gift to my friends.  It is an act of love to allow them a moment to feel superior.
- As long as I have the second-most-scraggly-looking yard in the neighborhood, I am not completely disgraced.
- I refuse to be a woman who clings youth through artificial means.  (And I forgot to slap on lipstick.)

And my favorite -- it felt so good to discuss this with a friend just recently --

Money, when it comes into my life (please someday soon), is meant to buy freedom, experience, charitable works, travel, education, and security, but not doodads.  A well-appointed house and the "finer things" are not on my list of must-haves, regardless of my neighbors. Money can buy what makes me happy, but "things" are not what my money will buy. 


Laura said...

You're too sweet, Hannah.

And thanks to your "discretion" regarding the picture, there was no need to test my

Raji P. said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! What a great attitude and positive spin on life! can I meet her someday? :)

Michelle L said...

This is great! To go off on a tangent, it makes me think of the fact that I feel more comfortable when we have men over as opposed to women, because I assume they are more forgiving of my messy floor with toys strewn about, etc. Why do I think these things? Clearly most women are harboring the same insecurities. Thanks for both of these posts. No doubt they've comforted others besides myself.