Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Proofs of Love

Hey friends!

I was just reminiscing about my kids' cool 3D valentines from last year.  Thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone's looking for ideas.

Meanwhile, we may do these this year (from Mer Mag via DesignMom.) Or maybe these, from recycled books.  Or something else that's handmade ... and simple. Always, always simple.

The Professor and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day really (although he's welcome to surprise me!) not because we're so contrarian but because we like to be different! And clever! And celebrate the anniversary of our first date two weeks later. So in our house, the day is really about giving proofs of love of all kinds, familial, platonic and divine. Love for neighbors. Love for siblings. Love for parents and children. Love for sugar. Heh.

And this year Caroline has decided that she really must throw a party. And you all know how I feel about planning parties. But because I love my daughter, and I want to teach both of my daughters the skill of being a good hostess (just one step ahead of you, girls!), I'm breathing into a paper bag and sending out a few invites.

We'll probably fill a jar with candy conversation hearts and see who can guess the closest total.

We may do a lollipop hunt in the backyard.

We'll decorate mailboxes for the kids to fill for each other.

Maybe we'll tell the story of St. (Brother) Valentine.

And we'll send them home with these sweet, healthy, and adorable treats. (While I collapse on the couch with a large bar of dark chocolate.)

Other than that, I'm open to ideas. Must ... make ... written ... list  ... or nothing will happen.


KTG said...

Oh I never knew the history of Valentine's day. Thanks, I learned something today!

Hannah said...

Kathryn, neither did I! We learned the story a few months ago while listening to an Adventures in Odyssey episode on a road trip. :-)

by r. said...

haha love this - sounds like a fun party! :)

cjoy said...

Hit print and you do have a written list. ;D Loverly ideas. Come host my daughter's resscheduled (b/c we were all sick) b'day party next weekend, okay?