Sunday, August 26, 2007

A bouquet of newly sharpened pencils

OK, so raise your hand if you *don't* love shopping for school supplies! (Until the part where you get up tot register and have to fork over the cash, that is.) What is it about wandering the aisles of Office Depot, with those packages of gleaming golden #2 pencils, the planners full of white space, a zillions different colors and sizes and styles of Post-It Notes, even the miniature index cards, that just fills one with the sense of possibilities? Maybe I'm over the top here, but I have to confess to getting some kind of rush from the experience, from feeling like Very Organized Person when I walk out of there. Know what I mean?
Hopefully my kids will catch the enthusiasm too. I went so far as to buy Ian an actually assignment book, simply because he always does better when he has things written out for him. O the resolutions! :-)

Now I'm off to that Dangerous Place, the Container Store, where (repeat the mantra) I will exercise great self-control and STICK TO MY LIST. Really, I will.

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Jenny said...

Thank goodness there is no Container Store here, because for me that place is dangerous! (In terms of my bank account, anyway. LOL)

Claire is using an assignment book at school this year and it's working out GREAT for her.