Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting motivated

Two things happened today which made me feel like we have some semblance of progress in our lives. No wait, three things. The first was that my friend Laurie Dixon brought her boys over this morning so we could talk homeschooling for a while together. She is just getting started, and her kids a bit older than mine, but I am so impressed with her planning, organization, and just general cool-headedness about the whole thing. The funny thing is, Laurie was my very first college roommate, many years ago, and I don't think either of us ever dreamed that number one, we'd have kids around the same time (she's 10 years older than I), and number two, we'd be sitting around chatting about our homeschooling plans together! Makes me wonder what I'll be saying in yet another 13 years ... Anyway, it was so great to get together and at the end, to pray together about our year. That in itself in an answer to prayer for me!
Then the FedEx truck arrived and brought a huge box of books for us! Woo hoo! OK, obviously I ordered the books, FedEx didn't just pick my name out of a hat and decide to shower me with blessings, but hey, how often does the FedEx truck actually bring something for US? (Answer: almost never.) Sometimes I'm tempted to order stuff online just for the thrill of getting a box in the mail. Is that totally ridiculous? Next thing I know I'll be writing myself letters and mailing them, LOL!! I usually resist the temptation, honestly I do, but see, this time, it was books for our year of homeschooling. Bravely I sally forth with hopes held high that this will be the year that my son will enthusiastically embrace everything I introduce to him, even things that have occurred in our general era, post-Ice Age! It just might happen!
Speaking of Ian, that's the third thing from today. I just talked to Blue Cross and got my preauthorization for his testing with the developmental specialist, a.k.a. psychologist, that his pediatrician recommended. I also made his first appointment, which required several deep breaths on my part as it has taken only, say, four years tp finally make this happen. IOn case you're not familiar with our history, I'll try to make it brief and explain that Ian is, and always has been (I mean since birth) quirkier than average. We love him for all his intensity and uniqueness of course, and we don't think he's way out there on any spectrum, nor do we want to change his fundamental personality, but we sure could use a little insight into how to support him better in the following areas: 1) focus (The child can recite to you volumes of facts about dinosaurs hardly anyone has heard of, and can keep track to the second of when his best friend is supposed to return from next door, but has tremendous difficulty with, say, remembering to flush the toilet, or comprehending why someone might not return in EXACTLY five minutes to continue playing); 2) motor skills/coordination; and 3) emotional/social awareness. That's a simplified version, but I'm curious to see how our adventure will now play out, now that we've actually decided to DO something about it. They'll do a variety of tests for learning style, personality, IQ, etc., which are reportedly "fun" for the child. I hope so! It can be hard to talk to anyone about that, since you know most people, i.e. people who haven't had a child like this, are probably thinking, "well, if you would just ..." (instead of the ideal: "Wow, that must have been a difficult process and I totally support you!") But hey, a blog seems like a nice safe place to air our laundry, no? Right where friends, family, and any stranger stumbling around the 'Net can read it! :-)


Jenny said...

Hannah, best of luck with the testing. The friend I am meeting with today has a DD who is similar to Claire and Ian in many ways, and she went thru all of this testing last year...and found it very beneficial. It sounds like your expectations are fairly reasonable as for what you could get out of this testing, and I also want to say that the IQ testing actually *is* fun for the kids! LOL

Glad you've had a good day with lots to be thankful for. :)

Grace said...

Thank you for sharing this with me Hannah... :) I look forward to keeping up with your wonderful family another way.

Tracee said...

Wow, Hannah, that must have been a difficult process, and I totally support you!!! Really. Tyler has had some sensory issues since birth and it has been a difficult road, especially adding in my Great Depression era. I wish for you to receive the insights you need from this testing and therapy. :) Love, Tracee