Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shocked, in a good way

Can you believe this? Background: Ian raised a huge ruckus at the beginning of the summer about having to go to swimming lessons. Seriously, in mid-June, as Mean Mom was dragging him to his first lessons, he was still refusing to put his face in the water. He ranked it with going to the dentist. ;-)
Well, today was our last day and when we were getting in the car, he said, "Mom, can I keep taking swimming in the fall? Because I really love it!"
You could have knocked me down with a FEATHER!

He and Oscar were making water balloons tonight and running around in the yard. Then it started pouring rain, and Ian came running through: "We're going to run in the rain!" Then muttered to himself with great relish, you could practically hear the testosterone oozing from his voice, "This is DEFINITELY a BOY thing to do!" ROFL!!!
Meanwhile, Eliza says, "I want to run in the rain too! Mom! Where are my rain boots?!?!" (Ian had run out barefoot of course) She's on the verge of a breakdown until I find the boots on the closet shelf. Then: "Mom, wait! I need my new socks! Remember? The boots gave me a blister last time!" I run to get the socks. "Mom! I need the LAVENDER ones!!!" (Because she had purple flowers on her dress, of course.) DEFINITELY a PRINCESS thing to do! :-)

Oh, and one more thing and then I seriously need to get some sleep. We had the appointment with the psychologist (I hate saying that, I feel like I'm taking my son to a shrink) today. The actual testing (IQ, learning style, whatever else) will be next time. Most of the time it was she and I talking while Ian read Highlights magazines in the next room. At the end, she went in the there to talk to him, and I shamelessly eavesdropped. I don't know how she kept a straight face. I could hear him literally pacing in circles around the room while, with great earnestness, he described to her his relationship with Oscar, how they became friends ("It all started when my parents said we were moving to Texas, and I really didn't want to move at first ...") and what they like to do together (apparently they're currently inventing spy machines). Of course it wasn't long before they hit upon the Topic of the Movable Dinosaurs. She asked me how many he had, and he literally said to her, "Well, I'll tell you, but first I have to back up and tell you some other information. First, they come in BONUS PACKS." It went on and on like this, with the footsteps clomping in circles around the room. He said a few other things that just had me in stitches, in the way that I guess only someone whom you've known nearly inside and out since birth, and yet continues to surprise, confound and delight you, can do.


Tracee said...

That is SOO cute, the conversation you quoted. I also love listening to my children talking to others. It is always so different than how they address me, you know?

Jenny said...

I love that you eavesdropped! LOL