Saturday, August 18, 2007

Comments of the Day

Incident #1: This morning as Tim, Eliza, Caroline and I all lay in the big bed snuggling, Eliza leaned over and kissed Caroline on the face. Caroline's response? A loud, emphatic, "Ew, GWOSS!" (She gets it from her brother, I suppose, but it sure sounded funny coming from a 21 month old. Almost as funny as when she sees live dolphins at Sea World or some similarly thrilling event and exclaims "Aw, MAN!" with the perfect inflection of a 7 year old!)

Incident #2: As I was tucking Eliza and Ian into bed tonight, Ian informed me, "You know what you always smell like?" I braced myself, you know how kids are rarely diplomatic -- "Fresh potatoes!" This coming from the guy who lives for starches, so I guess it's a compliment! (He said it was.) Certainly one of the more unusual ones I've ever received! LOL! We'll have to work on him before he starts dating that certain someone ... fortunately that's eons away, right? :-)

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Eons away? Not if a little 6-year old I know has her way. ;)