Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Links for Ya

Not feeling particularly creative tonight, I thought I'd share a few links for your enjoyment:

Freerice.com -- This site has quizzes in all sorts of categories (I favor art and geography; Ian goes for English vocab and does quite respectably), and for every correct answer, sponsors will donate grains of rice to feed the hungry in a Third World Country. We can now feel good about getting sucked into an online game. :-)

Timez Attack -- We downloaded the free base version of the game, and plan to purchase the full version when it fits the budget. The most fun way anyone's ever come up with to drill multiplication tables. A huge hit here.

Shabby Apple -- So totally not an educational site. It's, um, a DRESS boutique. I allow myself to window-shop here occasionally, and maybe next time I sell an article, I will actually purchase something, like the "Antiquated" black dress or the "Ballerina" purple one (their prices definitely seem reasonable to me, though). How nice to have something NOT mass-produced in China (on my to-write list: a rant about how EVERYTHING these days seems to be MADE IN CHINA, probably by exploited factory workers. Hmph.). And these ladies support women in third world countries with micro-credit small business loans. And they have the cutest little-girl dresses. AND they have a "fit to flatter" feature so you can figure out from afar which dresses you should even consider. A few brief questions, and I discovered that I am, surprise, surprise, a "pencil" figure -- thank you, Shabby Apple ladies, for not calling it "stick." My dear husband would not like me to categorize myself this way, so I'm gonna whisper it softly: I am curve-challenged. ;-)
(Hey, if you check out the site, leave me a comment to tell me which dress is your favorite, or if you're feeling very revealing, what "fit" you are. Just for fun. Because we're all friends.)


Vanessa said...

I like the Shabby Apple site. . .fabulous dresses. I am an apple (but I already knew that!), and it's funny because my favorite dress before I answered the questions was the dress that is great for my body type. . .Storm. . .it totally hides the pooch.

Nicolle Boswell said...

(This is not related to this Shabby Apple post.)
I just came across this website and remembered your letterboxing adventures...Have you seen this? A curriculum called Educaching--learning through geocaching...Interesting...
Anyway, thought I'd pass on this little FYI...
Nicolle Boswell

Julie said...

Very cute dresses, I don't think they had a figure for me..just blah right now, but if I wasn't fat it would be hourglass I suppose, but definently is NOT right now:(( Love the antiquated dress..great choice! If I ever get skinny again mabye I'll buy myself one:)

Jenny said...

I'm (no surprise here) a pear shape. I'll take the Jackie O dress, although I was too scared to actually look at the price tag. Maybe a good gift to myself when I meet my weight watchers goal weight! :)

Jenni said...

Thanks for the link to TimezAttack. I'm definitely going to use that for the girls and for my students! I may even write a grant to get it for the entire school!

Then, again... who has time for that...?


Amy said...

Hi Hannah :) I love your blog! I checked out the shabby apple site...I cannot find anything to check off on question 2 "I LOVE my..." or question 3 "Words that describe my body." Does this mean there is not a dress to flatter my indefinable shape? This would explain a year's worth of unsuccessful shopping trips!