Monday, October 13, 2008

What season is it, anyway?

Yesterday we made a somewhat ridiculous effort to channel the autumn spirit by brewing hot spiced cider and holding a "tea party" on the patio while I read to the kids from the Yellow Fairy Book. We may seem desperate, sitting around in our tank tops, but having the thermometer drop to the eighties is a fall event worth celebrating. And sometimes the autumn spirit requires a bit of imagination. We must restrain ourselves with difficulty from unpacking our long-sleeved garments from their extended hibernation, but golly gee whiz, we can drink that spiced cider.

But it really is the right kind of weather for this:

And this (locally grown, thanks to my friend Virginia's CSA box!):

And now, as I'm typing this, what's this I hear? Could it be the strange and thirsty music of RAIN outside my window? Or did a pig just fly by?

(Yes. It's really rain. Out go the Wild Ones to float leaves in the gutter.)


Jenny said...

Yum! I love fresh beans. :)

Enjoy the "fall" weather!

Tracee said...

Oh I love fresh beans too! And I really love clothes dried outside. Wondeful!

Anne said...

Yes, it rings true in this part of the southern US, too. One morning my kids were outside reveling in the cooler air. "It's freezing!" they said with delight. Drew added, "But why can't I see my breath?" Um, because it's 70 degrees! But go on and enjoy that spiced cider!

Julie said...

Lol! That's how we feel here in Florida! We did get some peppermint low fat ice cream that's seasonal:)