Thursday, October 9, 2008

Morning theology

Caroline: MOM! I can't find any long pipe cleaners! [you know, the chenille craft stems]
Me: Oh, honey, I think we're all out of those.
C: Maybe Jesus hid them. Can you tell Jesus not to do that?
M: [stifling a giggle] Love, Jesus doesn't do naughty things.
C: Oh. [very softly] He only does good things.
M: That's right. Only good things.
C: Maybe He needs His very own pipe cleaners. His OWN, OWN pipe cleaners.

I wonder if Jesus would use the 40%-off coupon at Hobby Lobby?

P.S. My cover article is out! If you're not in the Austin area, you can download the PDF from Forgive me for tooting my own horn. :-)


Lori said...

congratulations on your article!! :^D)

nicole r said...

this totally made me laugh at work :) but hey, i mean she's right -- who doesn't need a good pipe cleaner!

Becca said...

I think He totally uses the coupon. Isn't he supposed to be a wise steward of things, too??

EmilyThe Brave said...

Wow, way cool article! I loved it!
Great perspective and i enjoyed the way the two stories woved together.

Julie said...

Congratulations on the article!! Such a Prescious story!!! I can't wait to read the article!

Vanessa said...


Vanessa said...

I got a copy of Parent Wise. . .will read it today :)