Thursday, October 30, 2008

Summer Photo Layout

I recently decided it might be possible to actually keep separate scrapbooks to send off with each of my kids when they (gulp) leave home one day. How might I do this, and keep up the family albums? Well, the family albums will take priority, and the kids' albums will be for layouts that are about them as individuals (accomplishments; Mom's random thoughts, etc.) But here's another key: I can use Photoshop to create photo collages, print out three of them, stick them onto some nice background paper, add some journaling, and ta-da! something to stick into each child's album.

For example, I give you ... Summer 2008 in Review. (In the family album, some of these events will merit, if time allows, their own pages, but in the kids' books, they're part of a summer-y (haw haw)).

I took this:

and this:

... and then printed it out at Costco, added a couple tiny pictures sticking off the side plus the journaling, and adhered it to some cherry orange cardstock with spiffy photo corners. No scanner, but here's a picture of the finished product!


Jenny said...

Love it!! Sometimes simple is best. :)

Naomi said...

That is great! What wonderful memories for them to have in the future!

Margo said...

Awesome - your kids will treasure this someday. :)