Friday, October 31, 2008

Hottest Vet in Town

See my husband.

See my husband sew.

See my husband sew up the raccoon-inflicted wounds of Feather, one of our three remaining hens.

See me add this to my list of "101 Reasons Tim is Cool." (Yes, the list exists. I started it when we were dating.)

Special bonus: Photo of daughters and two friends at co-op this morning. We don't do Halloween, but do you think I was really going to let pass an opportunity for them to wear those costumes in public, after all that blood, sweat and tears?

Not on your life.


Tim said...

In the photo, I'm sharpening the needle I used to stitch up two wounds. I ended up having to put in 5 stitches. I hope she makes it. She was very compliant during the operation, which I hope is a sign of bravery and not of pre-death lethargy. You will all find out in a future post, no doubt. Thanks for reading.

Jenny said...

Now I'm curious what else is on the list. ;)

Anne said...

All very cool (and I'm glad we're not the only Halloween-abstaining wierdos on the planet!)