Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happily Ever After

Yesterday one of my oldest friends in the wide world got married, and I had the privilege of helping send her off into wedded bliss. Rebecca and I met through church when I was maybe 12 or 13, and immediately felt the connection of fellow sensitive souls. As teenagers, we used to dream and giggle about The One and The Wedding, and since she was, and still is, something of a delicate flower, I always felt confident that in her case, The One would be ... well, just very special. She was older, but I still felt protective. And yes, it was tough on both of us when I met and married my One so early in life -- more than eleven years ago. Neither of us planned that our lives would diverge so dramatically. But when I arrived yesterday with my three offspring in tow, it felt like a happy ending, a reunion of sorts, with the assurance that the Lord may not always abide by our timing, but that His is perfect.

When I met her new husband yesterday, I had to let him know that not only had I been praying about him for many years, but also, I expected the best from him. I said it in a nice way. Honest.

And here's a funny thing about gathering with old friends at other old friends' weddings: suddenly, we're all reproducing! I mean, one day we were all playing street hockey in a parking lot and capping off the afternoon at Baskin-Robbins, and the next day -- so it seems -- we have babies in slings and toddlers on hips and older kids whom we're cautioning, so parentally, as they zoom merrily by in a crowded wagon, to "be careful!" When did we suddenly all become adults???


Jenny said...

Looks like a great wedding. I agree about growing up and reproducing, and it becomes so much stranger and more obvious when we see people from our childhoods!

Tracee said...

Makes me daydream with fond memories of my past...glad you remained friends and were able to be with her on her special day. How incredible to maintain a friendship for that long!