Friday, December 5, 2008

Biserable Bobba

So apparently my once-mighty immune system is now a brittle shell of its former self, because after that dreadful bout with sinusitis, I have had the mother of all head colds for the past five days. It's gotten so unpleasant that I actually yielded to the gentle peer pressure exerted by the other large person in this household and used the Neti Pot. Twice.

I'm convinced this was a technique used at Guantanamo Bay. Tim had to help me, so basically, the love of my life was waterboarding me, trying to move that ocean of sludge on through while I used my childbirth breathing techniques to remain calm.

So, at length I yield. UNCLE! On the agenda this morning? Mama lies on her bed reading books to whomever wants to listen. We got about fifty of them at the library yesterday. Notably missing from the schedule? Housework. The co-op planning meeting. Any and all errands. Except for the acupuncturist this afternoon.

Off to drown my sorrows in some lemon tea and stuff my offspring with echinacea and Vitamin C.


Jennifer Marchman said...

bleck. Sorry to hear you are still feeling so bad! I've done the neti pot, too. I'm not sure if it helped me much or not, but I wasn't consistent enough to do any good probably. Hope that clears it up for you, though, and no one else gets sick!!!

Jenny said...

The neti pot is a miracle, I tell you! Actually I don't use a neti pot, I use a bulb syringe, which gets it over with a little faster...

Hope you feel better soon!

Julie said...

I hope you feel better!