Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Charles, you shouldn't have

So, not to get all Plum Creek-y on you, but we awoke this morning to what was, by Central Texas standards, BITTER cold. Would you believe the temp did not surpass 38 degrees all day? As I said, BITTER.

Which meant that most of the day my kids spent running out to the woodpile, always wearing less clothing than I thought appropriate, bent on keeping alive the "roaring fire" that their very own Pa had laid in the fireplace before leaving, bravely, his blue eyes twinkling at us, on his bike this morning.

Impressive, no? Particularly the nightgown-with-rainboots look.

Today was one of those days when I nearly resorted to duct tape to get my eldest to sit down and accomplish anything resembling academia. His distractibility knew no limits. But by gum, the boy figured out how to relight a fire and keep it blazing (under my supervision, thank you, no need to call CPS). It was a great day for Life Skills!

Then tonight, we bundled them up and took them to the library for a delightful puppet show of the Nutcracker. If you're in my town, you have two more days to see it at one of the area branches, and it's totally worth it, sitting beside those faces that alternately gaze and giggle. Go forth and marvel!

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Vanessa said...

Ian's face looks determined and COLD! Could you send me the link to the puppet show? I am staying home today. . .game night and a sinus infection are just too much for me to handle!!