Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We've been busy

I determined last weekend to get some of my mojo back by crafting with the kids -- specifically, writing down my list of projects in my notebook, shopping for the supplies, and actually making it happen instead of just reading about other people's great ideas. :-)*
The biggest hit with the kids?

Thank you, Costco, for your five dollar kits that brought us an entire afternoon of comfort and joy. You are almost forgiven for being so insanely crowded on a Monday morning that we couldn't reach the sample tables.

Then there was the lemon-rosemary shortbread for the neighbors and taekwondo teacher (this year I will NOT be that friend/neighbor/mom who basically says, "Oh gee, thanks for the plate of cookies! Never occurred to me to bake anything for you!" Nope, this year we are PREPARED! Our love and gratitude have a concrete expression!).

Then, truffles. Eliza's idea, group execution as you can tell by the variety in sizes. I can't tell you whom they're for because at least one of the recipients reads this blog regularly. Of course, his daughter already spilled the beans at the dinner table, so the Top Secret activity isn't so Toppish after all.

We worked so hard that we earned a lazy afternoon of lounging on the couch watching WALL-E. Um, for the second time in the last three days. Oh, stop it. I did fold laundry.

And how did we keep our blood sugar level today? Why, by nibbling leftover candy and shortbread and licking the bowls and spoons, of course! Note: when I became a mom, at least two of those parenting manuals I skimmed cautioned me to never let my child lick the bowl when baking together, due the risk of salmonella from raw egg in the batter. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! ExCUSE ME? Did you grow up in AMERICA? If I don't let my child lick the bowl, it's only because I'm saving it for myself!

More crafts to come tomorrow, even though I'm actually working in the morning! Yup, on Christmas Eve! Those Korean kids just never stop their learning! (And hey, a paycheck is a paycheck, no matter what the date. (Not that I'm mercenary. Just to clarify. No, it's all in the spirit of giving. I am GIVING them some of my abundant family time so I can GIVE them a few extra droplets of education in English grammar. Me and my drum. Rum pum pum pum.))

* Speaking of making things, please consider joining me in writing to your congressman and senators and asking them to revoke or at least revise the CPSIA, which is great for regulating potentially toxic toys from China, but deathly for the makers and purveyors of homegrown and handmade toys from right here in the U.S.
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Jenny said...

You guys have been busy and productive!

Stephanie said...

I love the gingerbread houses - they did a great job! My mom took the kids somewhere yesterday to make some, and I'm pretty sure they are not structurally sound! I heard there were near-tears involved, so thankfully I was not there. But everyone returned with smiles and a sugar high, so all's well that ends well.