Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top Ten

This week's Time magazine arrived on Saturday, and it's chock full of Top 10 Lists. A pithy way to sum up 2008, wouldn't you say? So, entering into the spirit of things, I give you ...

Top Ten Things We Did This Weekend (It's RIVETING! Really!)
In no particular order ...
1. Slept over at my in-laws' house out in Elgin. This was so we could execute the next item in a timely fashion (e.g. at 9:00 a.m., when our family is rarely seen in public).

2. Helped my sis and her hubby move all their stuff out of my in-laws' storage trailer and into the back of their truck and the attached trailer. They bought a house on Friday (woohoo!) and spent the weekend moving. We tried to lend a hand but in truth, it was probably more like lending a pinky on the grand scale of things.

3. Watched the last four episodes of LOST: Season 1. Ohmygosh I will just confess here and now before these witnesses that I am borderline addicted to this show. These characters are just so real that I stop just short of praying for them. :-) Tim will be drifting off to sleep and I'll nudge him: "But why do you think Kate's mom was so upset to see her at the hospital in the first place? And do you think Sawyer is going to tell Jack that he met Jack's dad in Sydney and his dad said all those good things about him? Huh? And what about that hatch???? Are you listening to me?" Nice.

4. Attended wedding of Kim McCartney and David Allen. Funny highlight: the bride did not appear until at least ten minutes after the ceremony began. Serious highlight: the wedding vows. In sickness and in health, for better or for worse ... Never fails to choke me up.

5. Saw old friends from our church family in South Carolina, here for the wedding.

6. Attended church meeting and enjoyed the Lord Jesus. Yes, dear Lord, You're much better than LOST.

7. Denied Yankee tendencies ("why pay money for a gadget when a little elbow grease is all you need?"), broke down and bought a leaf blower, rather than massacre my gardens with the rake. Blew, raked, swept, pushed wheelbarrow, watched hubby run the shredder. Good times.

8. Took Eliza shopping at two different Targets for a present for Ian. This is not my favoritest of ways to spend quality time with my daughter, but for her, it's golden. She was blowing kisses at me from the back seat, clutching her little pink purse.

9. Worked on Certain Homemade Gift for Certain Family Members, which requires HOURS of computer time. Please, please, please, Artscow, get it here on time.

10. Attended neighbors' Christmas party, at which we a) read the story aloud from the New Testament, b) sang REAL carols, none of this Santa-Baby business, thankyouverymuch, and c) saw our mailman. Yes. They invited the mailman to the party. And he came. The kids were thrilled. But slightly aghast at his appearing in civilian clothes. With his WIFE. In a REGULAR CAR! Can you imagine? As my brother would say, "That ain't right."


Samuel said...

I love top 10 lists! Lost is definitely addicting. We did a marathon viewing of season 1 awhile ago, I think we watched it all in a weekend. Course, this was in the pre-Benjamin days, where it seemed time was unlimited. sigh. Anyways, prepare yourself for a lot of Lost-related hair pulling, both out of amazement and frustration.

As for your secret project, I really hope artscow pulls through for you...but don't be surprised if they don't. Based on some more recent experience with them, their shipping times are kind of like Lost...very unpredictable. But let's hope for the best. Thanks again for sharing.

Tim said...

Perhaps I should mention that the handle of said rake snapped off early in the leaf adventure and would have prompted a trip to Lowe's anyway. The leaf-blower, BTW, was $32 after tax, lest any of you think I'm not a penny-pincher, and the time savings were significant. Did you know that you can spend more than $200 on a leaf blower?

Naomi said...

Hah. I too am hoping and waiting that Artscow will pull through in a timely way. I must say though that in this case, the "free-ness" of things was outweighed by the shipping costs, i.e., I really don't know if Artscow is worth it...

tamvandijk said...

My comment is out of the context of artscow, leaf blowers, and Lost, but I wanted to tell you, Hannah, that I've just read the first 5 chapters of The Penderwicks based on your recommendation, and I love it! It's a perfect blend of Little Women and The Secret Garden and reminds me very much of Elizabeth Enright's books. If you haven't read them already I think you and your kids would love them. ("The Four-Story Mistake" and the two following it are my favorites).

Stephen said...

Hi Hannah,

I am sitting in my home with the Yowells reading your blog. Dianne is showed me your blog. It's really neat to read about you and your family.

I am watching Cari bake cookies in her new Kitchen Aid blender and wondering if I should buy her a dual bag vacuum.

Please greet your family for us.

Stephen & Cari

Anne said...

Great list - and I LOVE Lost.

Paul said...

Seriously dahling. I'm almost in dreamland and then my best friend rolls over... "What do you think is going to happen to...?" "Do you think X and Y will end up being friends...?" "Why do think they ...?"