Monday, June 29, 2009

Maker kids

I may have mentioned, a time or two, what a fan I am of simple crafts one can produce with the children by pulling a few things together from around the house. Ensemble trips to JoAnn or Hobby Lobby aren't the best way for us to spend our time, mostly because neither I nor the kids can make it through the store without desiring at least ten things other than the one thing we came for (let's call it Wal-Mart Syndrome). I'm pretty good about saying "no" (to self and them) but still, I always end up at the counter, hearing our grand total, and thinking, "Really? Fifteen dollars and eighty five cents? But all I came in for was a two-dollar package of large white buttons! Guess we'll be skipping lunch this week." (I exaggerate. That's why God made PB&J.)

But all you need for this particular hour of entertainment is a package of coffee filters, a spray bottle of water, a few clothespins or pipe cleaners, and some markers.

Step One: Color the filter, any way you please.

Step Two: Mist with water, watching colors run together and exclaiming about their beauty.

Step Three: Dry.
Step Four: Attach clothespin or pipe cleaners as "antenna." Color antenna, if you desire.

Optional Step Five: Combine butterflies into a mobile or string from the pull chain of a ceiling fan.

It's Magic!

And then, if you live in Austin and you're up for an outing that doesn't involve heat, head for the Children's Museum, where the Maker Kids feature exhibit is in full swing. Plenty of hands-on sunshine, headed your way.


Eclectic Mama said...

Ooh, what fun! I want to make some of those butterflies! We just love the Maker Faire each year. Maybe we should go by the museum.

Beck said...

That's a lovely, accessible little craft! My kids would love that.