Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet SIXteen

See this girl?

Really sweet, right? And precious and lovely?

She's also SIX YEARS OLD today. Six years since she emerged into our garden tub while the first birds of dawn greeted the day outside. 

She deserves to feel unequivocally special. So, today's To-Do List:

1. Hang traditional Happy Birthday banner in family room before she wakes up. Check.
2. Cover sleepy face with six birthday kisses when she staggers from room with new American Girl doll (from grandparents). Check.
3. Present special birthday dress. Check.
4. Let siblings present offerings and homemade cards. Check.
5. Make chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. Check, minus the choc chips. (We are out. Bummer.)
6. Let her wear "Birthday Girl" tiara to Bible Camp. Check.
7. Serve with her class during camp, feeling grateful that today's craft project does not involve eleven girls clamoring simultaneously for glue dots. Check.
8. Bring cousins home from camp with us, stopping for lunch at place of her choosing -- P. Terry's. Check. 
9. After "quiet time," take all five children swimming. Try not to panic about letting one or more of them out of my direct line of vision at any given moment. 
10. Pick up BFF (Rhynn).
11. Upon arriving home, present children with Shrinky Dinks to engage their creative pursuits until dinner. 
12. Grill hotdogs for children, grown-up food for parents, uncle, aunt.
13. Bring out pink-frosted gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and a couple more presents.
14. Clean bonus room and prepare to accommodate five girls and one boy.
15. Pop popcorn and insert disc from new American Girl movie collection (Felicity; Samantha; Molly.)
16. As closing credits roll, kiss goodnight and watch all children fall promptly asleep. Mmmhmmm. 


Eclectic Mama said...

Aw, dang. When I saw your list, I thought I could steal it for Truman's birthday on Friday. But I don't think he'd appreciate the tiara, the Shrinky Dinks, or the American Girl movie. (And I doubt Ian would appreciate reliving it!)

Happy birthday, Elegant Eliza!

Stephanie said...

And how exactly do you find the time AND energy to accomplish this impressive list? (I know what you were subjected to from 9:00 - 12:00 today.) Please tell me your secret so that I may accomplish 1/2 as much with 1/4 as much grace!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday Eliza!!

And I'm curious whether that last item went as planned...LOL.

Tracee said...

Happy Birthday!