Sunday, June 21, 2009


Right now ...

- Eliza: splayed out on bed (those ever-lengthening legs!) in satiny pink nightgown among her dolls. Content after a weekend of bonding with attentive houseguests.

- Caroline: crashed on beanbag (the child eschews beds), fresh from a certain party in her honor today, loving her new-to-her bike, slumbering after telling me six times that she loves me.

- Ian: listening to a Return of the Jedi radio dram
a on CD he found at the library while tinkering with Legos in his room with Daddy.

- Daddy: completely cool with delaying his Father's Day celebration until we can give the occasion our full attention.

- Me: Not pregnant or nursing, or both, for the first time in nine and a half years. Roses from my mother-in-law to mark the occasion.

Life is sweet.

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Stephanie said...

Meant to comment on this the other day. 9 and a half years ... I cannot fathom. Yea for you!!