Monday, June 22, 2009

Summah Time

It was officially Day One of Summer, and time for a little Fowl Play:

What is it about summer, especially in Texas, that fills me with a strange cocktail of delight and dread? On the sunny side, we have popsicles, kids on the trampoline or bikes after breakfast and dinner, trips to the pool, very relaxed expectations for ourselves. On the dark side, we have a hiatus in our regularly scheduled activities, which means days of absolutely no plans and forbidding heat, which fills me with a quiet panic, especially if it's 3:00 p.m. and we've gone nowhere and even though we've done craft (check!), read-aloud (check!) and game (check!) the day seems endless, as if I'm fording a river of Jell-O. Just, you know, being honest with you.

But in the meantime, lest I leave you on such a doleful note, here are two sweet cupfuls of inspiration to share. Think of them as a glass of iced lemonade, or maybe a chilled bottle of Sweet Leaf Tea Company Mint&Honey Tea. Ahhhh ...

1. Leslee's Story continues to unfold, as they bring their three new children home from Ethiopia. Riveting, wrenching, uplifting -- it's all there.

2. My dearly beloved wrote an incredible post about his nighttime strategy last week. In case you missed it, check it out here and feel free to leave him some bloggy love. That man. He's something else.


Jenny said...

Same weather here, so I feel your pain!

Stephanie said...

If only the mercury in the thermometer would heed the official start date of summer! (And the end date, for that matter!)

I share your feelings of delight & dread when the days are so very hot and so very long.

Maybe we can actually get the boys together sometime? I will try to overcome my inertia and call you. (After we recover from 3 weeks of hospitality!)

Beck said...

Your husband blogs!
It's been REALLY hot here all week, but we're in for a weekend of cooler temperatures and - oh joy - severe thunderstorms. How festive.