Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crowning Un-glory

It was time to deal with a very serious situation this weekend.

A situation that had gotten out of control.

A crisis that simply could not wait another day.

And it looked like this:

That, in case you're going cross-eyed wondering whoa! What the Sam Hill is THAT bit of ugly?, is my hair.

Folks, I am thirty two. Not eighty two. Not even fifty two. But, thanks I suspect to my grandmother, who is entirely lovable in all respects, including her prematurely snow white hair, my mop up top has ... issues.

And so every month or two, I turn to the Aspiring Professor and say, "Darling, it's time." Time for a visit from our friend in the little box.

We mix up a delightful, earthy-smelling bowl of hideous gunk. He smears it all over my scalp. We watch a short movie. The whole experience is indescribably romantic. Some couples canoodle at four-star restaurants. Some couples ramble through Napa Valley on bicycles, stopping to wander through vineyards and sample fine wine. We henna my hair.

I spend about fifteen minutes in the shower watching horrific muddy rivulets run off my noggin and down the drain.

Ta-DAH! I am thirty two again.

(Next up: Battling the Frizz. Stay tuned!)


Eclectic Mama said...

Oh man, what a guy. Get him to talk to H, will ya? :)

Julie said...

It looks beautiful! For frizzy hair in this Florida humidity, I use Citre Shine, Highly Laminating Anti-Frizz Serum from Target, Walmart, or any local drug-store. It really works, although I recommend staying away from the bangs, because it might look greasy, but for the rest of the hair, it is is awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

Four-star restaurants are over-rated. As long as you canoodled.

Sarah Chappelle said...

Rob's a master-henna applier too. :) It's a bonding time. . . although I think henna isn't cutting it for me anymore. . . I need to get my mop top to a salon stat (especially after the heightened sense of mortality that a birthday brings - 33, honestly?? Where did the time go??).

Era said...

I need a color solution myself. For frizz, I like this stuff called frizz buster but I haven't tackled my color situation yet.

Bear Creek Mama said...

Hey, at least you HAVE hair. At 46 mine is coming out by the handfull - ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

btw - Watching a movie together followed by a shower sounds dreamy to me! even if it is a bit messy...