Thursday, October 15, 2009

And the winner is ...

... CJoy! Here's her story:

My favorite vacation: Leaving my 2 kids at home with my husband and heading to New York City with one of my oldest and dearest friends for 3 nights...Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, pizza, tiny hotel room that just barely squeezed 2 twin beds and 1 nightstand from wall to wall. The best of times, in spite of my horrendous cold upon arrival. Definitely the best of times. (Not that I don't love being with my now 3 kids, know.)

I loved her story because it speaks to a very profound and universal truth about motherhood: Most of us need more breaks than we actually get. Most of us pour our time and energies into our darling offspring and, attached as we are, sometimes forget to tend to other parts of who we are -- women, sisters, friends. I'd be willing to bet that CJoy experienced some pangs of guilt upon leaving her kids and driving away to the airport that weekend -- I happen to know that she's a dedicated, conscientious mom. How great to hear that she was able to lay those (dare I say inappropriate) feelings aside and truly enjoy her time reconnecting with an old friend. You've inspired me, darlin'! Now email me your address and a non-odorous Banana will be on its way to you! (

(Anyone want to meet me in New York City?)

Other things I learned from you wise ones:

1. I really, really need to visit Banff and Jasper. Yes. Yes. To hear is to obey.

2. My brother is always combing the 'Net to solve my problems. Remember my car issues? He's totally responsible for the fact that I haven't lost my keys in about six months. No, you can't have him. He's mine.

3. Certain people, after at least 13 years of marriage, really need to have a honeymoon one of these days. Do we need to pass the hat?

4. I want Juliana to take me to Europe; she knows how to do things RIGHT. I think she's a female Rick Steves. (But Colombia will do!)

5. I want to take every single one of you on our trip. Wouldn't that be so, so fun? Now I'm going to run out into the street to see if anyone dropped a winning lottery ticket. I might also see why there is a loud thumping noise coming from the direction of my daughters' bedroom. Catch you tomorrow!


Raji P. said...

If a vacation en masse is not possible, how about a lunch en masse? :) Would love to meet you and your blog fans!

cjoy said...

Thank you, Hannah!
Yes, I felt guilty leaving and I even missed them a bit, but man it was SO NICE. No vacation feels quite like a real vacation when you're still doing your job the entire time...
See you in New York! ;)

Stephanie said...

Congrats to cjoy! Rats - I should have played. I guess I will have to go out and buy my own Bananagrams game.

Era said...

Congratulations CJoy! Your story inspired me. I want to go to New York and hang out with friends too. Seriously - anyone in? I'm in for lunch too, but New York should not be ignored.

Hannah said...

Raji -- you are brilliant! We should totally plan something.

Julie said...

Va..vaccc...vacaation? Is that how you say it? It's a word I've dropped from my vocabulary. Is a 10 day trip to the Positano Coast in Italy too much to ask, to make up for years of no vacation? Oh and since I'm wishing so big..first class tickets too? AAAAAhhh. A girl can dream. I'm with Raji..I would love to meet you and your blog fans!