Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh pshaw

"Has anyone ever told you you look like Alanis Morisette?" A dad I had just met at a neighborhood back yard party inquired this afternoon.

Huh. Now, mirthful as this may seem, I actually have been told 4-5 times over the course of my lifetime that I reminded someone of Julia Roberts.

I think it's just about the number of teeth we show when we smile. Truly.

I thought about telling this dad (who, by the way, said this in an entirely appropriate manner, after lengthy chatting about sundry topics) that he sort of reminded me of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Then I thought, would that be considered insulting somehow? Mr. Cohen isn't exactly famous for his dashing looks. And when I told my next door neighbor that he resembled a certain very talented-but-not-handsome actor whose last name rhymes with "Shmemerson," he was crushed and started going to the gym. (More or less.) But what if I told some dad, who wasn't the father of my own children, that he looked like, I don't know, Brad Pitt? Wouldn't that just be way, way, over the line?

Sometimes I just wish I could be three again. Life is so simple. You have a thought. It proceeds out through your mouth. People think you're charming. The end.


Eclectic Mama said...

But then again, when you're three, you get hung up on older men and are completely transparent about it. :)

Era said...

Ok, I'm having a rough day. What rhymes with Shmemerson? Emerson? I'm drawing a blank - help a sister out. Do I get sypathy points for being told I look like Whoopie Goldberg?

Hannah said...

Era, I refer to Michael Emerson, recent winner of an Emmy for his portrayal of the delightfully villainous Benjamin Linus on LOST. Not ugly, but known for talent rather than looks. Feel free to Google.

Stephanie said...

Now that you mention it, I can sorta see the Julia Roberts thing. But you've always just been Hannah to me - absolutely unique!

For me, I always got Ally Sheedy and Edie Brickell.

Era said...

Ah, Lost. I am one of the two people in the country who have not watched the show. I did google and I see what you mean. Not ugly, but not Brad Pitt.

Julie said... it!