Friday, October 2, 2009

We been busy

So, you know how we homeschoolers are. In accordance with our reputation, most of us keep our impressionable children either locked in a closet or chained to the kitchen table all day, reciting the times tables.

Here's what our closet interior looked like this week:

Monday: Morning - co-op for the girls. Afternoon - Cub Scout hike and creek cleanup.

Tuesday: Dance (Caroline). Tae kwon do (older two).

Wednesday: Morning - drive Eliza to Round Rock for playdate. Evening - AWANA.

Thursday: Morning - tennis lessons at park. Afternoon - Visit from friends. Tae kwon do. (Kids need exercise. Kids with attentional issues need even more. Grownups with attentional issues need ... never mind. Hm. Paging a personal trainer who will work for food!)

Friday: Friday Co-op. Probably followed by toting extra kid(s) home.

Can I take off the handcuffs yet?

(An aside: moving toward the park for tennis at 0.02 miles per hour with the girls on a bike and scooter, Ian far ahead, I was suddenly visited by the memory of my brother muttering "the patience of a SAINT" a few weeks ago while watching me deal with Her Royal Intractable-When-Tired-ness. I had to laugh, knowing that it's only by the transformative influence of the daily grace PLUS thousands of moments like these that I can boast of anything resembling patience. Shuffling along yesterday, I knew I still had miles and miles to go in that department. Fortunately, neither of those influences looks to run out any time soon.)

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Eclectic Mama said...

Oh, Hannah. You're ruining your kids! You should get them out more! What about socialization??? How do you know they're learning? I could *never* homeschool my kids!

Oh, wait ...