Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daddy needs to start saving

Ever wonder how much your kids borrow their personalities from their birth order? Ever look at your second/third/fourth/sixteenth child and wonder what she'd be like if you were raising her first?

My first child at age 3, watching Winnie-the-Pooh for the first (and only) time:
"Aughh! No! Why is that cake getting all over his face!? Why did he get HIT with that birthday cake?" (Sob, sniffle, sniffle, borderline hysteria.) Click. Apparently Pooh's adventures are just far too disturbing for this sensitive child. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

My third child at age 3, watching Star Wars with her siblings (because what am I supposed to do, lock her in her room?): "Darth Vader is a MEANIE! We HATE him!" Pause. "Can I get a light saber for my fourth birthday?"

My first child at age 3: Claire [his best friend] is a girl? Oh, well who knew?! I just thought she was a quirky kid like me! (I'm not putting that in quotes because trust me, the subject of gender just didn't ... really ... come up.)

My third child at age 3 (two nights ago, at the dinner table): "There is a BOY named ASHLEY in my co-op class. And he is SO DREAMY." Big sister: "Really? Do you have a crush on him? Are you going to marry him?" Little sister, beaming: "YES!"

(Today's follow-up: while making cookies, we must discuss the relative merits and general dreaminess of Sir Ashley again. Why exactly does she want to marry him, this 21st-century mom wants to know? "Because he's so ... handsome." [Insert motherly remarks about a suitable husband needing to be kind, intelligent, blah blah blah] "And Daddy said he would buy me some white high heels to go with my wedding dress and veil!")

People. I am sunk.


Eclectic Mama said...

Just remember, Scarlett would probably have turned out a lot nicer if she'd married Ashley instead of that rogue. Fortunately, Ashley was pretty bright.

Oh! I'm not saying that your 3rd is anything at ALL like Scarlett. She's much sweeter. And she has much better taste in purses.

Tim said...

Folks, just to ease your worries for a moment, consider this. The conversation about the white high heels did indeed happen, but it happened on the way to Home Depot, where #3 used a hammer and nails (Insert manly grunt here) to build her own savings bank.
And technically, I did not promise to buy her high heels. I said that if that's what she still wanted for her wedding when that time came I would be happy to get those for her as her wedding present. ;-)
She assured me that was what she was going to want on her wedding day.

Tim said...

PS. In case any other readers don't know, I'm the Daddy of #3 mentioned in the post.

nicole r said...

this might be my favorite post ever. love love love.

Bear Creek Mama said...

Thank you once again for the belly laugh!