Monday, May 3, 2010

I Love Texas in the Springtime

Today is my birthday  (Answer: 33). And because I love beautiful things -- which makes me as delicately distinctive as a four-leaf clover -- I thought I'd present, for your consideration, the following vistas.

One of my life goals is to know all these beauties by name. 

And I would love to share more of these deep and erudite thoughts with you, but a short person in my house is finding it super imperative that I help her make a milkshake at this very moment. Somehow, she didn't get the memo about it being Mom's Day Off. However, I'm still taking a break from housework today, beyond the basics. That may make more work for tomorrow, but no worries: I'm a whole year older now, and I have the maturity to handle it. 


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable day. The photos are great; it has been a lovely spring, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

RM said...

Just another lurker wishing you a very happy 33rd!

Happy B-Day, Hannah!

(And I must say, what lovely photos!)

Tamara said...

Hey, you have the same birthday as my Mom! Which means if you visit my blog then the flowers I posted yesterday can be for you too :-)

Your pictures here are beautiful! I love Texas wild flowers! And I like what you said about being a year more mature. That's exactly how I feel about getting older. (And I love the little short person who didn't get the memo :D

Vanessa said...

Beautiful flowers.