Friday, May 21, 2010

We'll Fly Away

Actually, we already did.

The Professor and I took a night away to Wimberley, TX. Thanks to my kind sister and brother-in-law and a couple friends, this getaway took place sans children. I know. Consider and be amazed.

We stayed at the Creekhaven Inn (fellow Central Texans, I recommend!) which, startlingly enough, backed up to ... a CREEK. Specifically, the clear and burbling Cypress Creek, so named for the graceful bald cypresses that hug its banks and create a continuous archway of shade. Shade in Texas, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at.

Our itinerary included:

Kayaking on the creek
Sitting and reading
Soaking under the stars in the outdoor hot tub
Forgetting about anything stressful
Hiking along the creek to Blue Hole, site of these photos from two years ago:

Visiting an olive orchard where we tasted and asked lots of questions

Lunching at a winery

Strolling the town center
Talking about stuff
Wondering, now and then, how the kids were doing.

So, how were the kids doing?

Well, as we made our way around our city picking them up this afternoon, two of them immediately requested that the next time we want to go away for our anniversary, how about a two days, or maybe three, or maybe a week? And did they really have to come home NOW? The other child had the grace to hug us first.

We felt like the homecoming king and queen.

Like, last year's homecoming king and queen.


Amy Tague said...

That sounds like the most amazing night way ever. Color me totally envious. And the pictures are GORGEOUS. Especially the one of the little angel in the lavender swimsuit.

Galex said...

Yep, I'm envious, too! Sounds delightful!

Stephanie said...

I guess it's unanimous - we're all jealous! It's so nice that you were able to get away together, you both deserve it.