Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pitcher Books

And now, a propos of Mother's Day -- yes, we are on a theme this week -- I'd like to present one of my all-time favorite picture books. Buy yourself a copy or hunt it down at your local library, and you and a short person are in for a treat.

You're Just What I Need

This is basically the classic game where the child hides under the covers and the mother can't POSSIBLY guess who or what that oddly shaped lump could be. A bundle of laundry? An old mop? A bunch of carrots? Kids love this book (as I did when I was a child and it went by the name The Bundle Book) because the grown-up involved seems so delightfully dim-witted. Moms love it because it captures in a few words and pictures the tender connection between a mother and child having fun together.

And while we're on the subject of picture books, here's one of Caroline's top picks as of late:

That's Good! That's Bad!

This is a hilarious slash perilous romp through the jungle, where nothing is quite as it seems at first blush. After reading it approximately fifty six times to Caroline, I discovered that she thought it was an ongoing disagreement between the small protagonist and his parents. Personally, I'd call it more of a dialogue between the narrator and the audience (us), but I'm just a delightfully dimwitted grown-up, so what do I know?

As Eliza once confided in me, "Sometimes grown-ups forget things, and they need their children around to remind them."

Ahem. Which picture books are getting extra love in your house these days?


Raji P. said...

Our most favoritest of all picture books is Jez Alborough's HUG book. Anytime I want a hug all I have to do is say "Bobo!!!" and my 2 Bobos come running. Well one does, the other I have to do a bit more acting and sniffling for.

Tamara said...

I'm glad you brought up kids books again. I've been wanting to mention one that reminds me a lot of Frog and Toad. It's the George and Martha series by James Marshall. So funny and on the mark about friendship. Always happy to hear about the books you (and the short people around you) have been enjoying. You're a great source :-)