Monday, May 10, 2010

This Wasn't Supposed to Be About Bacon

So was your Mother's Day the very pink of perfection?

Here we are after gorging ourselves in traditional fashion at a fancy local Mother's Day lunch buffet. We do this every year with the Diller side of the family. 

Clearly, we're not a family who knows how to coordinate our clothing patterns. Lord-a-mercy. 

Aw, look, it's five sweet-looking children. Don't you just want to take them home with you?

Whoopsie. Looks like someone(s) had a little too much bacon. 

I noticed something this year about our behavior at the buffet. The adults seem to feel that they're obliged to sample just about everything. Smoked duck? Bring it. Smoked salmon? Sure. Made-to-order omelets? Don't mind if I do. Three different desserts? Surely we mustn't waste food. Are we trying to get my father-in-law's money's worth? Are we worried about where our next meal is coming from? Are we just gluttons? The jury's out on these profound questions.

The kids, meanwhile? I wasn't kidding earlier about the bacon.

My plate (one of several):

My daughter's plate:

Houston, do we have a problem?

Let us observe the results. Adults, nourished with a wide variety of wholesome, gourmet foods: 

Kids, nourished with bacon: 


Meanwhile, we'll just zoom in for a moment ...

Whaddya know? The Professor reads my blog! (And gets more timely, un-subtle hints from Vanessa, who I believe is now toting similar jewelry of her own. We all need friends like this in our lives.)

So after the buffet and photo session, we headed home and everyone piled onto my bed to listen to me read The Willoughbys(wicked, funny) until my throat was sore. Then we lazed around some more, and even with Caroline interjecting her important needs, thoughts, and desires for popcorn every few minutes, I managed to read When You Reach Me in its entirety, which is this year's Newbery Medal winner and has a delightful twist that made me think all about time travel and feel about as scrambled in the brain as I did during Season 5 of LOST.

And somewhere in all of the rush of the weekend, the very best Mother's Day gift I received was the moment I realized all over again that both because of and in spite of me, my children are having a happy childhood. With bacon. The End. 


Amy Tague said...

YAY!! Yay for bacon! Yay for your AMAZING necklace! Yay for the hysterical picture! Yay for gourmet food! Yay for your children in the midst of a happy childhood! And most importantly, YAY FOR LOST!

Vanessa said...

Lovely necklace. Your welcome.

Your plate looks deliciously full of flavor. Eliza's looks like she is deprived of salt and pork, no? Kids and buffets. They go for the the mac and cheese, the chicken nuggets, and the bacon. . .go figure! Oh yes, and the jello.

Julie said...

Here me jumping up and down exclaiming like a little kid, "I have one too! I have one too!:) One of those necklaces I mean:) I love your dress! I can relate to the desserts, we do Mother's day brunch too and I may have had 4 or 5 different desserts (at least a taste) ok ok maybe 5, but thats was between my DH and I sharing..and not 5 whole entire desserts:) I will say we did hold some sense of decorum by not trying every single one;)

Bear Creek Mama said...

I LOVE reading your blog. (I don't know why I don't do it more often) Clarity, honesty, and the sharpest wit anywhere that never cuts. It's always deeply rooted in love and sensitivity. Thanks, once again, for the enjoyable read!

Just a note on the buffet thing, everyday seems to be a veiwed as a buffet at our house. My running mantra: Just because it's on the table doesn't mean you HAVE to eat it - as in ketchup AND soy sauce on your rice stirred together with the split peas and kale - yuck! The other one, as king sized bites are entering my children sized mouths: Just because your fork is that big, doesn't mean you have to fill it!
Our meal times are quite the scene:)