Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3.14 Reasons to Celebrate

Monday was Pi Day.
Get it?
(Image from pauladamsmith)

March 14 = 3.14

As good upstanding nerdarific homeschoolers, we had to celebrate with a treat for the brain:
Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure)Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure)
(If, like me, you don't plan ahead for these things, you may find yourself saved by Barnes and Noble's reserve-online-for-store-pickup service.)

And as good upstanding appreciators of a fine pun and a fine dessert, we had to celebrate with a treat for the tummy: Pie!

Pssst: It wasn't homemade. Turns out Whole Foods sells small deep-dish pies for less than an arm and a leg, and that includes some gluten-free apple pie that will make your eyes roll back in your head, maybe permanently. (So don't buy it. Leave it all for me.)

Here's something I love about having kids: So many occasions to celebrate! So many seemingly trivial reasons to pull out the stops and have pie, or wear green, or buy flowers, or put on some music and dance around. Why hold back?

Which reminds me ... Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Now go do something silly and festive to celebrate. Remember, the years are short.

P.S. My friend Johanna sent me this -- a musical rendition of the digits of Pi. Jesse English, o ye of the thousand-digit-pi-recitation, are you reading this? This video will surpass your wildest dreams. If it doesn't, I'll bake you a pie. Or maybe the nice folks at Whole Foods will do it for me?


Tamara said...

Oh! I was thinking the whole time about my brother and whether I should mention him or not, and then you did it! Big smile :D

Jenny said...

Pi day is my favorite school day, and it killed me to miss it! I left a Pi lesson plan, but the substitute taught a lesson on skin layers (?) instead. At least she did serve pie!

I have the same book, and I read it every year as tradition. Have you read the other Sir Cumference books? They are great!

I'm going to show the video to my class when I get back (hopefully Monday). Thanks for the link. :)

Vanessa said...

I had no idea there was a holiday this month! I thought it was just spring break. I think you *really* like holidays :)

Jennifer said...

I just read your post and told Jesse about it. He was delighted to be mentioned. Sadly, the video is no longer available, so we couldn't see it. :( I almost got him a pi shirt for his birthday this year.